Do you have job openings you can't fill?  Are you too busy to go through the 100s of resumes you will get if you post your jobs?  Let us assist you in finding candidates for all of your staffing/recruiting and hiring needs.  We are here to help!


If you need help finding a job, send us your resume in MS Word.  Let us help you find the perfect work for you.

As the owner of A Corporate Connection Staffing, Shari Burke has been a long time, well respected, business entrepreneur in the Houston, TX area.  As the owner of Burke Mobile Notary for several years and a 20+ year owner of  A Corporate Connection Staffing, Shari is set to help employers and employees a great deal.  She also works with other staffing agencies when it is necessary to reach out further to find the best candidates for openings. 

Shari is well versed in business.  For many years she specialized in finding accounting candidates and then she added oil and gas engineers over 7 years ago.  She  has also assisted other recruiters with a wide variety of job openings such as IT, medical, legal and  other types of businesses. 

You can feel comfortable in her expert hands and her ethics are beyond reproach.

Jobs openings are listed on this website and will be updated constantly.  You may request a full job description if you have interest in learning more about a certain position.  There is also a place to download your resume in **MS Word" only please.  Most  all of the jobs will require candidates to be US citizens or permanent residents.  Jobs can be all over the US, and that will be specified on the job list.  Some companies will be willing to relocate you,  so be sure to let us know if you are willing to relocate.  Also tell us  what your current or last salary range is/was.  We also need your reasons for leaving your last 3 or 4 jobs.  Try to keep resumes to two pages if possible please.  Be aware that there may be a background check and/or possible credit checks with most of these jobs.

***All jobs are very specific so you must have the exact requirements specified.


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A Corporate Connection Staffing

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